Thursday, December 5, 2013


Photo provided by Mike Foley

Artworks Gallery artist Mike Foley is unveiling a series of framed, first-run portraits of "SantaChrist" at JeffreyAdams restaurant on 4th Street and Marshall in downtown Winston-Salem during the city's December 6th Gallery Hop. "Everybody knows WWJD? But what about Santa? WWSD?" Foley asks. Each portrait offers a special thought from this half son-of-God/ half elf spirit Foley has conjured. "I  merged a dozen different Santa and Jesus images for the original "SantaChrist" show in 2005. Inspired by Rembrandt, I painted them in oil and showed them in a candle-lit church built in the lobby of The Millennium Center." But because that show sold out there's been no way to recapture or build on that "SantaChrist" experience until now. 

Foley has taken his favorite "SantaChrist" image and given it a voice. "He (SantaChrist) speaks to me and he'll speak to you too. He speaks to everyone." Foley claims. 

Each piece offers it's own friendly sentiment. From "Call me." to "I'm not the Easter Bunny." and "Let's Holiday!" Portraits are framed and priced at just $39. "You may want to collect them all." Foley looks forward to meeting holiday revelers and sharing the joy at JeffreyAdams on Friday night starting at 6 o clock in the restaurant's back bar.  His SantaChrist "brother from another mother" show runs through 2013. 

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