Friday, January 30, 2015

Art-o-Mat and The Little Things

  • Image of Prototype Kit

The Little Things 


Alana Sherrill
Amanda Sullivan
Chad Beroth
Christine Templeton
Connie Haley
Crystal Ingersoll
Dane Walters
David Shaw
Deborah Willard
Dennis Wells
Donell Williams
Donna M Marcum
Emily Beach-Munday
Emily Beroth
Emily Clare
Emily Poe-Crawford
Grace Chilton
Holly Swenson
J. Nico
Jack Hernon
James L Williams
Jeff Fansler
Jennifer O'Kelly
Jessica Webb
Karen Fridy
Katie Chasteen
Kayla Ellis
Kelly Olshan
Kristen Crawford
Lindsay Bunker
Lisa Miller
Mary Bailey Thomas
Melanie Troutman-Williams
Mike Duggins
Mitch Tilly
Naomi Greenberg
Nick Sullivan
Pat Spainhour
Patrick Harris
Robert Page
Sarah Oberst
Sharon Hardin
Steev Scott
Susan A Walker
Taylor Hayes
Tim Walters
Victoria Vassar
Will Parham
Will Willner
Zac Trainor

Helps to “dial in” your concept/idea.
Each kit contains a complete sampling of the materials we offer to Art-o-mat® artists. Includes 2 blocks, 2 glued boxes, 2 unglued boxes and acetate wrap, 4/c postcard, a sticker and a 1 inch button. Price includes shipping.

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