Friday, October 24, 2014

My Work is Art

Thanks for the article about artists in our community... now, about that photo...

"I make my living from from my art." Is what the sign should read...  or, "My work is Art."

To use an image that messages "Will Work for Art" implies that the basic human needs of these artists in the article do not need funds to provide for their daily needs and though I applaud the fact that this piece introduces the reader to a range of artists that may have escaped their notice, I find the use of this image misleading.

The fact is, art has value like any other profession and the individuals who dedicate their life to being working artists have remarkable skills that contribute value to our community in ways beyond conventional systems on measure and valuation.

Dane Walters is one of those visual artists that is dedicated to perfection. Each new work is a complete pursuit, nothing is taken for granted from the ground to varnish coat each stroke is informed by his collective experience up to that moment.

As for music, Liz May is as dedicated as they come and through her musical pursuits she has gained the ability to communicate volumes with the lift of an eyebrow, a subtle gesture or nod. She is an ensemble artist in all that she does. Every day is dedicated to the pursuit and support of her passion and she has earned every bit of her skill through hard work and dedication.

I have also had the pleasure of working directly with Burgess Jenkins and when I see him on set, I know there is one less actor I need worry about, he will be prepared and mentally present, he will ask questions if he has them, and will listen to information that is given.

I regret I do not know Ms. Hambright-Ward, so I shall leave my artist comments at this; dancers are the most dedicated artists I work with in my artistic pursuits.

Thank you for reading.

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