Friday, October 24, 2014

We Are the Wardens

Photo Gallery - We Are The Wardens
Artist: Katie Chasteen
Genre: Sculpture
Venue: Delurk Gallery
Media: paper, natural objects, fibers, glass, acrylic

October at Delurk there may be something that has been missed by some visitors...

That is the quiet intimacy of the sculptures presented in the rear gallery. The work of one, Katie Chasteen.

Katie is a full time member of the collective, volunteering as all the artists at Delurk do to support the daily operations of this unique art space.

A fine art photographer, Chasteen has an eye for framing moments within the larger work by piercing the forms and composing the view within.

One cannot fully experience the pieces by simply passing by them on a stroll through the space.

They need to be entered into through the marvel of the human eye; to be pondered, considered, investigated for hidden treasure revealed in one's particular and personal imagination.

The images in this post are a scratch at the surface of these "Wardens" standing their posts and housing visions and keeping secrets.

These and other works are on view and available for purchase at Delurk through November 2.

Check for gallery hours and special events.

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